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Senior Software Engineer with .NET

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2023-12 (December)

Skills: .NET Core, MsSql/MySql/PosgreSql, EF, Dapper, AWS, Docker, GIT, Postman, GraphQL, Visual Studio / Visual Studio Code, ANGULAR 6+, C#,
HTML, CSS JavaScript, JIRA, JSON, Java Programming language, Spring Framework (Spring CORE, Spring MVC Spring Boot), Entity Framework and Entity Framework Core

15 years of overall IT experience
Languages: Croatian, English

Courses: Course for Web Development in ASP.NET C#

Specialists Profile


The candidate is a senior software engineer with extensive experience in .NET development. They have experience working in various industries such as Roko Labs, Fleksbit, IN2, and Corvus Info. The candidate has a strong background in developing and maintaining .NET Core and ASP.NET applications, as well as experience with Angular and Java frameworks. They are proficient in using tools such as Visual Studio, Git, and Microsoft SQL Server. The candidate holds a Bachelor's degree in Technical Informatics from the University of Applied Sciences Velika Gorica. They have strong language skills in Croatian and English. Additionally, the candidate possesses digital skills in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and JIRA ticketing system. They have a valid driving license.

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