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Senior Frontend Developer

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Selected Skills & Technologies:
ReactJS, TypeScript, Redux/Context, Styled Components, React Testing Library, Vite, Webpack, MaterialUI, Flexbox, Socket IO

Additional Skills:
Azure, Adobe XD, Figma, Micro Frontends, Microservices, TeamCity, uDeploy, Zendesk, PostgreSQL, Python, Google Scripts, NLP

Work & Industry Experience:
<li>Over 8 years in IT, specializing in frontend development, valuable for banking, insurance, and education sectors.</li>
<li>Developed client engagement platforms and post-sale applications, enhancing customer experiences and operational efficiency.</li>

<li>Engineered a Poker Hands Replayer and a Poker Tournaments Summary Parser, demonstrating advanced technical skills and creative problem-solving.</li>
<li>Actively engaged in HackerEarth challenges, showcasing a strong problem-solving ability and continuous learning in technology.</li>


Certificates & Courses:
Not listed in the CV.

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